This is my mom. She is the greatest influencer on my life. If you ask me why I think like this or that, that would be because of her.

Oh, mom’s day was yesterday? Screw that, everyday is a mother’s day to me.

Bersyukurlah kalian yang masih bisa telpon atau ketemu ibumu, karena ibumu tidak hidup selamanya. So call her while you can. You are busy? Make time! Gak malu sama beliau yang bawa kamu kemana-mana selama 9 bulan?
Mamamu sudah berpulang? Doakan dia, kemudian berbahagialah! Karena mamamu bakal sedih ketika lihat anaknya sedih.

Happy mother’s day!

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Oke, aku agak kurang setuju sama tindakan si Sahat yang nendang lambang Garuda Pancasila. Tapi “plesetan” Pancasila jadi Pancagila ini kok kayaknya aku setuju ya… Orang-orang di dalam pemerintahan ini harusnya introspeksi lah kenapa bisa sampai rakyatnya bisa nulis kayak gini.

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Rapat paling cozy minggu ini – with Fuji, Lathifa, Agit, and Ferdi at Smart Lounge & Mini Library Lippo Plaza Jogja

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Catatan akhir tahun

Jadi, selama 2 minggu terakhir, hidupku sangat sibuk dengan acara kampus dan lika liku janjian luar kota. Dari tanggal 14 ampe 18 Desember, aku ngurusi Dies Natalis kampusku, sementara 19 sampe 27 Desember udah ada agenda dari jauh-jauh hari di beberapa kota yang enggak deket.
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Coolest person you know

Don’t get me wrong, if you think the word “cool” here relates to appearance, no, you’re wrong.

But yeah, if I could describe myself, I’d like to describe myself as “the coolest person you know“.

You don’t believe in God? Cool. You believe in one? Great.
You wanna talk about it? Cool.
You wanna keep it as your secret? Cool.
You asked me out to eat or to hang out? Cool.
You didn’t invited me? Cool.
You don’t believe me? Cool.
You lied to me? Cool.

Seriously, anything you do is fine by me. Why?

You can ask people to do things for you.
But you can’t ask people to believe in you.
But you can’t change how people thinks about you.
You just can’t ask people to behave exactly how the way you want all the time.

Hello, there!

Update: not really my first post. It was still on draft these times. Will release it ASAP.
This is finally my first time writing my own blog, as I wished to start maintaining my own blog since a long time ago, but finally there comes this moment. Before today, I build and maintained some web pages such as Future Leaders Party UGM, Jaringan Internal Mahasiswa BEM KM UGM, and many other organizations web pages. Since then, many people asked me to help them build their own website and how to maintain them.

And my urge to write my own blog kicks in as I witness there are many things could be done to improve the society where I live. Since I live in Yogyakarta, please expect me to write in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

My interests are on automotive, road manners, social and environmental issues, and some international news. I also have a little interest in photography, so if you see me uploading some pictures here, feel free to comment. I will also share some quick tips that may help you solve daily complicated things in a snap.

Anyway, I’ll try to keep you posted. regularly.