Coolest person you know

Don’t get me wrong, if you think the word “cool” here relates to appearance, no, you’re wrong.

But yeah, if I could describe myself, I’d like to describe myself as “the coolest person you know“.

You don’t believe in God? Cool. You believe in one? Great.
You wanna talk about it? Cool.
You wanna keep it as your secret? Cool.
You asked me out to eat or to hang out? Cool.
You didn’t invited me? Cool.
You don’t believe me? Cool.
You lied to me? Cool.

Seriously, anything you do is fine by me. Why?

You can ask people to do things for you.
But you can’t ask people to believe in you.
But you can’t change how people thinks about you.
You just can’t ask people to behave exactly how the way you want all the time.


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